Echoing Smiles

Just when I had been reminded Of the storm I wrote to say to myself, “I have to smile wide.” ~ Evans Owusu Kissi (Abotreh) Bonyon, Ejura. Oct 18, 2019

There Is This Monster

There is this monster that has been Running after me from Yesterday. My dream, to shoot it in the head with a gun And rise from slavery then. What is it that is its that I have with me? Nothing. I only messed up in the past, big time. That has been my blunder. That […]

Why Poem

  So why do I shed tears once in a while About my problems When I have been clearly told Severally to not worry at all? ~ Evans Owusu Kissi (Abotreh) Legon, Accra. July 2, 2019 #NationalPoetryMonth #Day2

A Dream In My Heart

  There is a dream in my heart Announcing its presence By every beat.   The desire to visit the sick And play them songs On strings or plus vocals, Maybe throughout the sun’s stay.   This dream, long ago planted, And under this hot sun I pour about it.   The day this dream […]


Magic Before Something Strange

How light turned into darkness Just when I kicked off to Sleep Was like magic, So I walked back again to the shore To see the light in the room, And then see again the magic. Soon I reached Sleep And saw something strange. And I’m yet to put it down. And I’m yet to […]

Cows Drink Milk

He made me write Milk And told me to write Other words that rhyme With Milk In the three other quarters. I wrote Silk Filth & Health In the clock’s hands’ direction. Then he pointed the words In a confused manner. And I had to speak them out From slow to fast. Then he finished […]

Blessed To Have You

I saw the light, O Honey. When you drew closer to me, I saw the beautiful light. It shined so bright, O Love. My heart climbed up above To higher heights with time. Your presence sure brings A step-up in my life, And I can help not But say one more time, Through these rhymes, […]

Run Story

We ran after a partridge And her sons and daughters Till they were all scattered In the shrubs. Then anger entered her heart And she ran after us While we ran for our lives. Then we started throwing stones At her and she ran away. Then I threw the last piece of block From quite […]

From China To Denmark

A great step into a new zone I take now, And the joy in my heart is beyond measure. For over a year and over, I have been locked up in China and its shapes. Now my eyes have opened some more Into the zone two steps away… Denmark. It feels amazing that I can […]


Beautiful Life, Beautiful Life. Your beauty bursts my brain, And everyone else’s brain. Beautiful Life. Beautiful Life. You saw the light of day While around in D I did play. No helper strangling a neck. Just me sitting on the floor, And changing shapes of fingers D chord, G chord, D chord, A chord. Beautiful […]