From China To Denmark

A great step into a new zone I take now, And the joy in my heart is beyond measure. For over a year and over, I have been locked up in China and its shapes. Now my eyes have opened some more Into the zone two steps away… Denmark. It feels amazing that I can […]


Beautiful Life, Beautiful Life. Your beauty bursts my brain, And everyone else’s brain. Beautiful Life. Beautiful Life. You saw the light of day While around in D I did play. No helper strangling a neck. Just me sitting on the floor, And changing shapes of fingers D chord, G chord, D chord, A chord. Beautiful […]

In This Key Season

Time of sharpening, Time of shaping. Overwhelming it looks, But it is what I deserve, Hence grace from above I ask for To endure in this key season. ~ Evans Owusu Kissi (Abotreh) New Bortianor, Accra. January 5, 2019

Brought Book

Brought book, Thirty six leaves, Card cover. Welcome finally, on the fourth day, To offer a helping hand To he that is ready to be helped. You will be like my Bible Whom I must visit daily. You will be like a diary In whom I should write important stuff To be done each day. […]

A Book To Be Brought

(Inspired by Rosemond Nyansafo) I’m going to buy a book. Hard cover book. When I’ll buy it, I know not But I know that I have to buy a book. I have to buy a book. Pages unfilled with words, But rather lines To have my words on. My words, to remind me. My words, […]

Special Assistant

Hose, Ministry of Finance, paint, Sammy, MCE. Ministry of Finance, MCE, Sammy, hose, paint. Paint, hose, Sammy, MCE, Ministry of Finance. I repeat these in my thinker To later prove that I can use my poetry To make me a good reminder. Hose, Ministry of Finance, paint, Sammy, MCE. Ministry of Finance, MCE, Sammy, hose, […]


Oh you sweet sounding set. Why did I hate you once? I did because your were hard to finger firstly Before your sound played. O you sweet sounding set. What is easier now? You! You are no longer a hard work. Hence I can leave and come again To and from several other sets. Welcome […]